[PinSound 1] Data-East Frankenstein not working - sound cutting out!

asked Oct 28, 2017 by kurkoa

I had used your pinsound boards in other games, including data-east.  I am installing the board in a Frankenstein and the audio continues to cut out. Any thoughts or suggestions?



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answered Oct 28, 2017 by nicolas
It may come from a weak +12V.

Could you measure it on the sound board power connector?
commented Nov 24, 2018 by hdiaz11
Why in the pinsound self test report, doesn´t appear the 12 volts power supply ?? and wich is the sound board power connector, i have the same problem in my scared stiff. regards
commented Nov 24, 2018 by nicolas
The self diagnosis will report the +5V and +12V/26V only on a PinSound+ board (the PinSound 1 is not able to measure the tensions).

Usually, if you boost to much your cabinet speaker (subwoofer), it will consume A LOT of current and that will turn on the amplifiers protection.  Try to reduce / lower the bass potentiometer on the PinSound board.