[PinSound 1] No sound in sound test or gameplay Twilight Zone

asked Nov 21, 2017 by robm

I am part way through my TZ resto, and am having a few issues getting Pinsound to work.

Steps so far:

Downloaded original and reorchestrated TZ pinsound mixes, extracted them via pinsound studio and copied to USB

Installed USB in pinsound board, power up. Games makes standard pinsound intro jingle after the 10 or so beeps.

When i go into sound test or start a game, there is no sound at all (yes, volume is up!). However, when i decrease volume to 0, and back up, you get the change track noise and a sample is played for 5 secs or so - i have tried this with both versions together, and each separately, and they do the same thing - a 5 sec sample upon going up from 0 volume, but nothing at all during sound test and start game.

Note: i put in the original WPC sound board, and it works perfectly, so problem seems to be isolated to pinsound, and i don't believe its speaker wiring as i hear the startup sound.

Note 2: There is no playfield in the machine (due to it being in pieces for the resto), however i can't see this affecting anything as the WPC sound board works fine

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answered Nov 21, 2017 by nicolas

I don't know when you bought your PinSound board, but if it was a few month ago, could you apply the latest PinSound firmware (0090)?


Thanks and keep me informed,