[PinSound 1] New board not working in DE Royal Rumble

asked Feb 14, 2018 by TheKreator
I recently purchased a second PinSound board after falling in love with the first one.  The first one I used in this Royal Rumble successfully, then when I purchased a T2 pinball machine, I moved it into T2 and it works great there.  I ordered a second PinSound to put back into Royal Rumble, but the new one might be faulty.  I'm using the same USB stick as before with the Rumble files, but when the machine powers on, I only hear the beeping sound which slows down until it only beeps once every 10-15 seconds and never loads.  With the first board, it would load usually within 5-10 seconds and start playing the boot sound and attract music.  I double checked my ribbon connections which look to be correct, but I notice the indicator LEDs on the board do not seem to be lit the way the first working board was during normal operation.  Is there anything I can do to initiate a "factory reset" or troubleshoot further?  Thank you!

(Also, I was excited to see the PinSound+ announcement when I logged into the site just now.  I'm definitely planning to get one of those as I have a FunHouse and DE Batman I'd love to use PinSound+ in!)

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answered Feb 14, 2018 by nicolas
Could you confirm me the status of the green LED (on the red daughter board)?

Thank you :)
commented Mar 6, 2018 by TheKreator
Apologies for the delay -- I checked the LEDs and there are 5 glowing red, one flashing green.  None seem to be lit on the red daughter board.

I took photos if there is a way to attach a pic or send one to you.