Whitestar stereo

asked Apr 30, 2018 by djcfuzz
Hi, I see that pinsound+ is stereo and the cable that came with my whitestar kit plugs into the stereo 2.1 plug on the pinsound+ board.  Am I getting stereo sound in my Whitestar?  If not, I dont see how the optional stereo harness would help since that 2.1 plug is already in use.  Also, if not stereo, can I just do a homebrew solution?

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answered Apr 30, 2018 by nicolas
Hi, the wiring included in the Whitestar kit allows you to reuse the original speakers wiring (mono 1.1).

If you install the 2.1 stereo wiring, you won't use anymore the wiring included in the Whitestar kit.

I hope it's clearer :)
commented May 9, 2018 by djcfuzz
Yes, this is clearer thank you.  I looked more closely at the wiring & I see that I could cut the wires from the 2.1 connector just before the Stern connector and use those wires to the speaker connection.  Thanks again.
commented May 9, 2018 by djcfuzz
Thank you.  I figured out that I could simply cut the left and right speaker wire at the base of the CN4 connector and connect those wires to my speaker panel.  The two other wires for the center channel stay as is.