Pinsound Plus - red LED on Star Wars DE

asked Jun 22, 2018 by bmlors

Just received my first Pinsound Plus board and have installed it into my Star Wars DE machine. Unfortunately, it's not working so I'm hoping someone here may have a suggestion on how to resolve.

The board status LED blinks white 6 times on startup (indicating it knows it's in a DE machine). However, then the status LED goes red and nothing happens from there. Per the board, this means "Amp Fault" and per the documentation online (, this means "amplifiers overcurrent detected".

Any insight into what's going on and how to resolve? I don't see how to upload an image here, but I asked the same question on Pinside forums which contains an image of my board:

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answered Jun 22, 2018 by Timothée
selected Jun 22, 2018 by bmlors
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From your provided picture, we can see the +12V led is barely lit: can you check with a DMM (digital multi meter) the +12V power rail on the test points (TP1-GND and TP3-+12V)? 

On DE machines, power supply do age are fairly weak and can go as low as 10V. The PinSound board needs a steady +12V.

The easiest fix is to use the PInSound DATA EAST Power Booster 

commented Jun 22, 2018 by bmlors
Good eye -- it's measuring about 8.7v, so I'm sure that's the issue.  Is the Power Booster sold anywhere in the U.S. so it's not a 1-5 week shipping window? I got the board through K's Arcade, but it doesn't appear they have that splitter.
commented Sep 17, 2018 by nicolas
Keith from K'SArcade may have a Power Booster, it may be worthwhile to ask him.
Else, you can order from our website, it usually takes  a week to be delivered.