[PinSound 1] Cable placing related question

asked Sep 26, 2016 by deep

Hey guys,

sorry for the amateur problem, but I'm not an expert an I have some trouble connecting 2 cables to the Pinsound board. I removed the original sound board years ago, and I don't remember which one goes where and they aren't self explanatory (at least for me). Here is a picture of my backbox:
Am I supposed to connect the cable circled with red to the red connector? And the green one to the green circled? Their length is not quite right, they are too short to connect them this way.

Thank you for your answer!

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answered Sep 26, 2016 by nicolas
selected Nov 14, 2016 by deep
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The connector circled with red is correct (volume potentiometer).

I'm not sure about the one circled with green as there are extra wires I'm not used too.

With a DMM, you can check the +12V / +5V on this connector if you want to be sure (voltage / pins are indicated near the male connector on the PinSound board).

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answered Nov 15, 2016 by deep
Thank you, yesterday I was finally able to make it work (my pin is not located at my place sadly) it was converting for about one hour and it worked just fine. I turned it off and back on a couple hours later, and there were no music, only a few sound effects. What could cause this problem? Thanks in advance for any ideas.
commented Nov 15, 2016 by nicolas
Did you turn up the main potentiometer volume (near the coin box)?
commented Nov 15, 2016 by deep
Thanks for your answer. Yes, as I mentioned it was fine at first, then after a turning off and on, only some sound effects were there, and no musics at all.
commented Nov 15, 2016 by Timothée
Could you check that the ribbon cable on the CPU side has the red red strip on the pin 1 side?