volumcontrol on headstation stops working randomly

asked Sep 3, 2018 by cybevenom

I seem to have a problem with the volum control on my headphone station. The lower 2/3 of the control does not work all the time. I can turn the knob but nothing happens until i reach a certain point and then the sound shoots up in volume. I also am unable to change my soundtracks by dialling down. It used to work fine but stopped this week.

Any idea how to fix this since my Tommy is set to make an appearence at the Dutch Pinball Open 2018 in november and i want it working by then.

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1 Answer

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answered Sep 3, 2018 by Timothée
Can you make sure you disconnected the original potentiometer as instructed in the installation procedure:

commented Sep 4, 2018 by cybevenom
Well silly me. That solved that problem. Don't know how that one got by me.

Any chance on an update on the Shaker kit front?

Thanks for the speedy reply and solution.

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commented Sep 4, 2018 by nicolas
See you at DPO, I'll be there too! :)