[PinSound 1] Terminator2 Pinsound Install

asked Dec 21, 2016 by nightsaints

I just install a pin sound board on a GNRs with no problems. However I just installed a Pinsound on a terminator 2 and I am having some sound issues.  The files updated and the new sound is on the machine but the volume controls don't seem to be working. Please see below:

1)the volume is for the back box speakers is being controlled by the Cabinet volume, not sure why?  The back box volume control does nothing. There is no sound coming out the cabinet/sub woofer at all?

2) all of the sound is coming out of the right back box speaker but the back box balance dial doesn't seem to work. The back box balance dial does nothing. In fact on my GNR the balance dial has a middle click that the dial clicks into so you know you are evenly balanced. This balance dial just spins and there is no middle click.

Please advise. -Ron Centofanti

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answered Dec 21, 2016 by nicolas
I guess you keep the original speakers wiring.

If that's the case, you're using only one amplifier on the PinSound board, as the original wiring is in mono.

That's why only the "cabinet tone controls" are working, and you're not able to adjust the balance between left and right.

If you want to use the full tone control and the 2.1 stereo audio output, you need to rewire with this kind of cable:

But even with original mono wirigin, you should hear the sound through the 3 speakers.