[PinSound 1] Sound cuts out after heavy flipper use on Tommy

asked Dec 22, 2016 by Djshakes
Hello, I recently purchased a pinsound card from you for my tommy.  The sound cuts out under heavy flipper action.  I have read on pinside that using an external power supply will help.   Can you tell me how many amps is needed with a 12v power supply?

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answered Dec 22, 2016 by nicolas
You can measure your +12V on the female connector powering the sound board. If it goes below +10.5V, the sound will cut out.

For a new external power supply, 12V 4A is great.
commented Mar 10, 2017 by Joshua
I got the Pinsound board for my birthday on January 15th 2017.

I have exactly the same issue on my Tommy...  The 12V+ measured 25V?!?!?
I've purchased a 12V 4Amp external power supply, measuring 15V. However, the Pinsound board does not start up.
Rebuild it to the first connenction, so the original powerboard (supply 25V).
Why is it not working on the external adaptor? What's the next possible option?
Can the Pinsound board get damaged because of the 25V?
Posted by Joshua
commented Mar 10, 2017 by nicolas
+25V instead of +12V, I've never seen this voltage on a DE pinball machine.
Can you contact us directly by email to help you with your PinSound installation?