[PinSound 1] Installed board keeps giving an error

asked May 12, 2017 by volkdrive
Purchased boards last year in a group buy with some friends.  Finally managed to install.  One in Getaway (all good), one in White water (first one is the board giving errors constantly).   I installed another in White water and it is working (aside from the whirlpool audio, which seems corrupted in the sound file, there are other mentions of this in the forum.  I attempted install of error board in GNR, and same result.  Installed my remaining board in GNR and it appears to be working.  Is there anything I can try with the error msg board, or is it possible to ship it back for repair or replacement?

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answered May 12, 2017 by nicolas

Could you give me more information about the error you got with this board?


commented May 12, 2017 by volkdrive
Nicolas, it was in the file conversion from the zip format.  Installed in White Water, the board would start with "performing audio conversion, please wait:, then some clicks and an error message.  Installed in GNR it would only emit some clicks.  The other 3 boards I have work fine.  I may have some time to try it in Indiana Jones this weekend.  
Also the file for Whitewater, on the whirlpool sound file, there is some sort of corruption in the sound.
Thanks for your quick reply too.
commented May 12, 2017 by nicolas
Ok let me know how it works in your IJ this week end.

Could you open another question for the white water issue (with as many details as possible)? thanks :)