Attract loop music/sfx/voice definition

asked Jan 18 by Swento
Hi - How do you define what gets played during the attract loop when the game is not being played? I have the Addams Family and Star Trek NG original mixes.

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answered Jan 18 by nicolas
Hi, the PLUS or NEO sound boards will play the same attract sound as the original factory sound board. If you want to change this attract music, you'll have to replace the music file. But it might impact the gameplay as it could be the same music used for the gameplay itself.

For information, the "PinSound attract / jukebox mode" is on my todo list. It'll allow you to define a set of sound files to be played when your pinball machine is in idle mode.
commented Jan 18 by Swento
Thanks - Jukebox mode would be a great addition.

Simlarly machines will often play a sound when its idle and you press a flipper button. You are saying there is no speciific "flipper push when idle" instruction code and sound but rather will play a file (voice or SFX) as specificed in the code?
commented Jan 18 by nicolas
Yes, from what I know, the CPU program will pick up an existing sound.
I guess it also depends on the machine, the ROM, the brand...
For example, on Data East machine, there is a dedicated "attract" sound. But it's not the case for WPC machines.