No WPC95 Adapter in box

asked Aug 17, 2016 by rdoyle1978

Hello -

I recently ordered a Pinsound board, order #ENKGOOWQO.

I specified a Twlight Zone machine, but my understanding was that the WPC95 adapter would be included so that I can install the board.  Right now, I have a board I can not install and a disappointed son who was looking forward to the upgraded sounds.  Please let me know how I can get a new adapter kit shipped; my order clearly specified a Twilight Zone; the entire reason I spent all this money on the Pinsound board.  Please help!  We want to use this great product.

1 Answer

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answered Aug 17, 2016 by nicolas
Twilight Zone is a WPC89 pinball machine, that's why you don't need an extra WPC95 harness kit.

Have fun!