Volume control doesn't work on Headphone Station on Bally / Williams WPC DCS STTNG with 1.3 PinSound Card

asked May 25, 2018 by kgnewikow

I recently ordered 2 Headphone stations to use on Bally / Williams WPC DCS: STTNG and TAF with PinSound Boards version 1.3

There were no instructions for installation in the package or on the PinSound site, but it looked pretty simple and the small circuit board was labeled where to plug it in on the board (J2 connector at the top of the card)

The LED on the Headphone station lights up, but the volume control does not adjust the volume on the head phones when plugged in or main volume when not plugged in

I have tried the Headphone "auto mute" switch in both positions. I have updated firmware to 0090

Please Advise.



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answered May 25, 2018 by Timothée

Hi Kevin,

The Headphones Station instruction is now available here:


As this is a new accessory, for PinSound V1.x, you need to update the firmware:https://www.pinsound.org/help/pinsound-1-help/

For PinSound+, if the board is from early 2018, you need to update it too:https://www.pinsound.org/help/pinsound-plus-help/