When swapping a pinsound from one game to another, is it better to reformat the flash drive or. . .

asked Jun 28, 2019 by Black Matrix
I've picked up a Pinsound plus that was formerly in a Last Action Hero, and I want to try it in my Williams games, like Scared Stiff, TAF, Star Trek:TNG, and CFTBL.  Would it be better to reformat the flash drive before I put the new zipped file on them or should I just put the zipped file on the drive as is and then install the Pinsound into the new new game. I'm not familiar with the how the pinsound handles its files.  Can 1 pinsound flash drive contain multiple files for multiple games or even different mixes for the same game.  And if so, how would you swap between the mixes.  Any advice on swapping this board between pins would be greatly appreciated.

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answered Jun 28, 2019 by nicolas
If you want to move your PinSound board to another machine, just delete the "audio" folder and copy the new zip sound package at the root of the thumb drive.

The same thumb drive can contain multiple sound packages at the same time and you can switch from one to another whenever you want, here is the procedure:


Or if you have the Headphones Station accessory: